Top 3 Best Weapons In GTA V

Top 3 Best Weapons In GTA V That Can Enhance Your Gameplay

GTA V has many weapons that you can choose, but we are here to tell you top 3 best and amazing weapons that you can buy in your game. Down below are list of top weapons you may consider while playing GTA 5.

3. AP Pistol

This weapon is so great you could go through the game simply utilizing it and not have an issue. The AP Pistol is the best firearm usable while driving or riding on a bike. The main other programmed weapon that can be utilized while driving is the Micro SMG. The AP Pistol is superior to the Micro SMG in harm, precision, and reload time.

The AP Pistol is likewise much better against vehicles than a gun ought to be. After you buy the lengthy clasp for it, the AP Pistol additionally holds more ammunition than the Micro SMG. Except for long reach battle, the AP Pistol is a strong decision that won’t fizzle.

2. MKII Heavy Revolver

While the AP Pistol is positively an ideal weapon to use to utilize while you’re cruising all over, that isn’t the main time a gun can be considered as an optimal weapon. Guns are light and they are extraordinary to use in a fast circumstance, which is the reason they’re amazing decisions.

The MKII Heavy Revolver is one of the best inside this class, and is positively probably the best firearm in the whole game. It’s a staggering firearm for causing unadulterated harm and will a single shot nearly anyone, paying little mind to their protective layer.

That makes this firearm an ideal possibility for anyone, as it is so viable. While a significant chunk of time must pass to reload, which means it is noticeably flawed in each situation, for a speedy surge, this is the best decision.

1. Special Carbine

Assuming there is one weapon that you should keep prepared consistently and use as your essential weapon, it is the Special Carbine. This is presumably the best multi-reason firearm in the game. The Advanced Assault Rifle is somewhat greater at long reach than the Special Carbine, yet the Special Carbine is better in exactness, harm, and reload time.

With the drawn out cut you have 60 rounds until a reload is required; no other attack rifle class of weapon has a superior ammunition limit. In the event that you were simply ready to utilize one weapon while playing GTA V, this ought to be your weapon of decision.


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