How to install Menyoo in GTA 5 PC - GTA 5 Menyoo Mode Latest Version (Single-Player Trainer Mod)

Menyoo gives players power to players to control all over that occurs in-game, including the capacity to cause objects to show up out of dainty air. The organization is MenyooSP project, called Menyoo and Absolute, that consider adding cheat box in the game.

How to Install Menyoo Mod in GTA 5

  • Download the required files from the download section below.
  • Extract and open ScriptHookV folder then go to “bin” folder.
  • Copy files from “bin” to GTA 5 Directory.
  • Extract and Copy ScriptHookVDotNet files to GTA 5 Directory.
  • Extract and open Menyoo Mod folder.
  • Copy Folder “menyooStuff” and Menyoo.asi both to GTA 5 Directory.

Download All the Required Files

  • We recommend making a backup of your game before doing changes to it. 

To activate mod you ned to press F8 in the game.


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